Respiratory Infection Treatment and Corona Virus 2019 Testing

**Special Announcement on Respiratory Infection Treatment
and Co-Vid2019 Testing**

Is the clinic remaining open?
The Portland Clinic of Holistic Health is remaining open at this time and we plan to remain open to provide treatments and visits for patients under active care.  The public health department has asked clinics like ours to remain open at this time.  They have also asked us to test appropriately for Co-Vid 2019 in symptomatic patients. Some procedures will be rescheduled.
Telemedicine visits are also available for consultations, re-evaluations, and acute care concerns.

Will the clinic be testing and treating CoVid 2019 cases at the clinic location?
We will be testing for CoVid 2019 outside the clinic building and we will be making special arrangements (see below) to coordinate this.

However, we are not currently treating confirmed active Co-Vid 2019 inside the clinic.  We also do not yet have laboratory confirmed patients at the time of this writing and our current plan is to treat confirmed cases over telemedicine at their home in isolation.  That is to assist the flattening of the curve and we also want our patients to feel comfortable about attending necessary visits for treatment and care.  That is our current public health directive.

If I have respiratory infection symptoms -
do I just schedule a Bio-Thermal Therapy® treatment as usual?
For the time being our customary policy for respiratory infection treatment, which has always been an in-office evaluation at the bedside for a Bio-Thermal Therapy ® treatment, is temporarily suspended. Instead, if you have new symptoms of a respiratory infection, we want to screen you  first through a telephone visit with a doctor.  

Why do we have talk to the doctor on the phone first?
We do not want persons who may have CoVid 2019, to expose the at risk or general population.

These are the steps for our current policy
1) At this time if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection please call the office and schedule a phone consult with a doctor right away. If you believe you have been exposed to CoVid 2019 please alert the scheduler - you will also be scheduled for testing as well.

2) The doctor will discuss your symptoms on a phone consult (please have taken your temperature in advance of the visit if possible) and make a plan for treatment and/or testing.

3) If testing is needed it will occur at a drive up location outside the clinic building at a drive up location adjacent to the building.

Where will testing happen?
You will be directed where to park when you schedule. When you arrive you will call us and we will come down to meet you. A staff member in protective equipment will come to the drive thru location to collect your sample. 

Why will I first be tested for the flu as well?
Public health is asking that we first screen for the Flu and if test is negative then test for CoVid 2019 (unless you have been around a laboratory confirmed case of CoVid 2019).  If you have already been recently tested with your symptoms this will not need to be repeated.

 We are in flu season and there are more cases currently than Co-Vid 2019. So we will first collect a sample for rapid flu testing. This will take about 15 minutes for processing. If the Flu test is positive we will treat you for the flu. That can be treated at the clinic and you will have the benefits of the Bio-Thermal Therapy ® and IV therapy etc., as indicated. You will be advised on your course of treatment at that time.

What if the Flu test comes back negative for the flu?
 If the flu test is negative we will then return and take a sample for CoVid 2019. The CoVid sample will be sent to Quest laboratories.  The lab can bill your insurance for the testing. Results take several days. We will also prescribe for you for an at home treatment plan based on your symptoms at that time.  We will also be advising on follow up telephone appointments to monitor you until we have your laboratory results. We will still treat you but only at home at this time.

Are there natural medicines that I should have on hand? 
Our pharmacy is open for ongoing needs as well as respiratory infection preparedness. At this time we do advise having on hand Lung Tea and Bamboo Extract in addition to the anti-viral prevention kit from our newsletter that forms the basis for treating viral infections.

Will you be treating CoVid 2019 in the clinic?
At this time we are not treating confirmed cases in our clinic and we are creating this firewall to protect our patient population who are under active care.

However, the clinical Bio-Thermal Therapy® is a mainstay of viral respiratory infections even including pneumonia and severe infections.  We may be treating in clinic in the future based on the severity of the pandemic and the clinical needs of affected patients.

We are hoping that our advice for aggressive early treatment of any symptoms and following our treatment guidelines aborts early cases that may occur or have already occurred.

IF WE CHANGE POLICY AND BEGIN TREATING COVID 2019 IN CLINIC we will alert our patient population in advance AND we will be changing policy to keep those cases seperate from our patient population.  This will include at a minimum blocking out specific times for treatment of diagnosed patients that is only for those confirmed cases and no others will be allowed in the clinic at that time.

What should I do now?
Please make sure that you have thoroughly read our newsletter and updates on the virus and what you can actively do to help you and your loved ones stay well during this time.  Please read the fever and treatment guidelines section before anyone gets sick. I will be posting an update of that fever guideline rational for CoVid2019 and why ibuprofen (and acetaminophen medications) should be avoided as much as possible.

 Updates and blogs are on our website in the blog section.  
We will also send out links on our email newsletter.  
Please text Holistichealthpc to 228-28 to sign up for our email newsletters. 

Eric Blake ND, MSOM, Dipl. Ac.

Dr. Eric Blake Medical Director of Portland Clinic of Holistic Health

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