IV vitamin C

Integrative Cancer Care


We treat cancer patients daily at our clinic. We have used IV Vitamin C at the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health for over a decade with our cancer patients. The results can be profound.

For example, in 6 weeks we were able to reduce a pancreatic tumor by 30% in size incorporating IV Vitamin C and other Naturopathic care. This allowed the patient to have surgical removal of the tumor – which was not initially an option because the tumor was not responding to the chemotherapy alone.

In another patient with a Lymphoma we had complete remission of the tumor in 6 weeks. This was in combination with radiation and a comprehensive Naturopathic protocol. The radiation was stopped 2/3 of the way through the course of the prescribed radiation therapy because the tumor was already gone. The patient had declined the 4 drug chemotherapy course. That was 9 years ago with no return of cancer.

We use the University of Kansas IV Vitamin C protocol, the one developed for use alongside or independently of chemotherapy. We have comprehensive and integrated Naturopathic protocols beyond IV Vitamin C as well.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer please call our office for a complimentary consultation to find out if Naturopathic treatment – including IV Vitamin C – can be of help.

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