Digestive Trouble, Frequent Urination, Difficulty Breathing, and Vitiligo

Primary Concerns

A 32 year old man presented to the clinic with chronic side pain for 3 years that never went away. He had been worked up by two different doctors with no findings to explain or treat. Suffering from vitiligo, chronic heartburn, loose bowel movements, a sensation of food not going down and sticking in the chest, cannot breathe through the nose and must breathe through the mouth.  


Initial Workup and Findings

After our routine diagnostic evaluations, we found signs of intestinal bacteria overgrowth, leaky gut, a hiatal hernia, and a parasite. These along with an intolerance to potatoes or when fruits are combined at the same meal as cane sugars were contributing to the chronic digestive problems. 


He tested positive for chronic respiratory infections of the sinuses and a cranial bone misalignment which was causing the symptom of the sinus blockage. This along with Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome which was leading to a thicker mucous being produced.


His reflexes for a ‘dropped kidney’, or malposition of the kidney, were positive. This occurs when the kidney drops into the abdomen. Symptoms include the flank pain he was having as well as the symptom of frequent urination passing only small amounts which he confirmed when asked.

  Here is a picture of a peripheral smear of his blood.

Here is a picture of a peripheral smear of his blood.



Dietary Modifications:

He was educated to avoid Potato and the combination of Fruits and Cane Sugars.  He would meet with the nutritionist and also start the dietetic portion of a  Nutritional Purification Program. 


Treatment Procedures:

12 Bio-Thermal Therapy® Treatments  were prescribed to rehabilitate the digestive function. Manual therapy and breathing exercises were prescribed to rehabilitate the respiratory function and to treat his chronic hyperventilation syndrome.

2 Naso-Specific Treatments to align the cranial bones and improve nasal passage air flow.

Soft-tissue manipulation to restore Kidney placement and correct the Hiatal Hernia were prescribed

  Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal Hernia

  Dropped Kidney

Dropped Kidney

Nutrition and Natural Medicines

He was prescribed natural medications to restore his mineral deficiency, reduce intestinal re-absorption of leaky gut products, and to improve colon bacterial balance. A nutrient concentrate was administered to encourage healthy skin pigment, as well as a combination of herbal medications to improve digestive enzyme function, regulate the immune reactions related to his skin and digestive issues, and to reduce unhealthy bacterial overgrowth in the bowel.


Within a few weeks his digestion was significantly better, his side pain had resolved, and after the first naso-specific he was able breathe freely through his nasal passageways, remarking “I wish I would have found you sooner”. 

 At his 6 week checkup his symptoms had all resolved.  Patient reports feeling much better with normal urination, digestion normal, improved breathing, reduced side pain, improved sleep.  He had only a little bit of occasional side pain after heavy exercise, which was part of the body having to strengthen itself after such a long time out of position. At this point he was in relief and a maintenance plan was prescribed to retain the benefits of the course of treatment.

  Here is a peripheral smear of his blood at the 6 week visit

Here is a peripheral smear of his blood at the 6 week visit