Patient Handouts

Fever and Infection Guidelines
and Flu/Flu Vaccine Q&A

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These are general instructions; the doctor will communicate with you the specific instructions for your condition. 


Wet Sock Treatment

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Very useful for fevers 98.6-99.5 degrees fahrenheit. This treatment helps to encourage heat radiation and maintain the fever at a safe and beneficial temperature. 


Hyperventilation Syndrome Exercises

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At home exercises that aid in the correction of Hyperventilation Syndrome.


Mini Home Hydro-therapy

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This home version of hydrotherapy is useful when it is impossible to get into the clinic for therapy or when extended therapy is necessary. 


Bieler Broth

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Henry Bieler, MD is widely known for using diet based therapies for treatment. One of his most popular recipes, the Bieler Broth, can be used to support immune functions.


Neptunes Girdle

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This remedy increases the body temperature to mount a fever and boost immune system function when dealing with an infection.