Open and available for virtual Telehealth appointments and In-person treatment and appointments, including immune boosting IV Therapy

Christine Kadykalo, ND

Naturopathic Physician located in Downtown, Portland, OR

About Dr. Kadykalo

Dr. Kadykalo, also known as "Dr. K" hails from Toronto, Canada, and earned her B.S. Biomedical Science at the University of Ottawa. During her undergraduate studies, Dr. K spent a semester abroad in Australia, studying health sciences at the University of Sydney. Following her graduation, she worked in a neuroscience lab conducting research on Parkinson's disease.

Dr. K earned her doctorate from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and interned with a focus on adjunctive cancer care. She has also participated in a volunteer medical brigade in Guatemala with Naturopathic Medicine for Global Health. 

Having always had a strong interest in health and medicine, Dr. K discovered naturopathy when a family member became sick and was treated with nutritional and herbal medicine. She was drawn to the idea of using natural means to support the body's healing processes, and found her passion as an ND.

Dr. K completed her internship with us in early 2018 and now joins our medical staff to help see patients on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Beyond medicine, she is also interested in sports, music, and travel. She spent several years training as a competitive figure skater, ran track, cross country, and was a member of the rowing team at the University of Ottawa. More lately, she enjoys spending time in the mountains hiking and snowboarding.