Portland Clinic of Holistic Health

The Portland Clinic Of Holistic Health is a full service walk-in health clinic providing Naturopathic and Chinese medicine services. The clinic provides care to the whole family and also specializes in helping complicated and challenging cases that have been unable to find relief elsewhere.

Naturopathic Physicians are Primary Care Physicians (PCP's). We are doctors who have been providing health care in the State of Oregon since 1926.

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The Clinic has extensive experience with a broad range of conditions. Restoring health and helping the body to heal naturally as it was designed.

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At Portland Clinic of Holistic Health we offer a variety of chinese medicine services including acupuncture, herbs and trigger point therapy.

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Modern electro-therapy devices have potent beneficial biological activity and are pleasant to experience. The different wave forms have different effects.

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I have ulcerative colitis and traditional medicine's solution was to medicate me with very expensive prescriptions. Two friends told me about PCHH and I have never looked back.

- E H.

I have been going here for one year and I love this place. Dr. Blake has literally saved my life. I met him just 6 weeks after my dad died. I had no clue what I was in for mentally, but had Dr. Blake not been there for me my story could be very different.

- Megan M.

The purpose of our clinic is to help as many people as we possibly can regain their health by addressing the true causes of disease, not just the symptoms, and to help them maintain their health, who then in turn, educate others on the benefits of Wellness Care.

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