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Vitiligo and Digestive Trouble

Primary Concerns

A 32-year-old man presented to the clinic with a number of conditions. He experienced chronic side pain present for the past 3 years, digestive troubles, chronic heartburn, and an extreme difficulty breathing. He had done a full workup with two different doctors in the past, and neither one had conclusive findings or a treatment plan.


Initial Workup

Once at our clinic we performed a series of test that we call our new patient workup. Food intolerance testing, blood workup, and a range of Chinese medicine evaluations provided us with the information needed to look at his body as a whole, in order to treat these specific symptoms. His results showed a number of complications from bacterial overgrowth in intestines to a leaky gut with a parasite. He also tested positive for chronic respiratory infections of the sinuses and a cranial bone misalignment which was causing the trouble breathing.


Dietary Modifications

His Food Intolerance Testing showed that he had a primary intolerance to Potatoes, and a combination intolerance of fruit when eaten with Cane Sugars. This intolerance just means that when his body eats these foods they do not get broken down, and therefore cause digestive trouble.


Natural Medicine + Treatment

High potency natural medications were prescribed to restore his mineral deficiency, reduce intestinal reabsorption of leaky gut products, as well as improve bacterial balance. 12 Bio-Thermal Therapy® Treatments were prescribed to rehabilitate the digestive function. Manual therapy and breathing exercises were prescribed to rehabilitate the respiratory function and to treat his chronic hyperventilation syndrome. Soft-tissue manipulation to restore Kidney placement and correct the Hiatal Hernia was prescribed, as well as 2 Naso-specific treatments to align the cranial bones and improve nasal passage air flow.

Hiatal Hernia



Within a few weeks, his digestion was significantly better, his side pain had resolved and breathing was much better. At his 6 week checkup, his symptoms had all resolved. He reported feeling much better with digestion regulated, breathing improved, side pain reduced and improved sleep. At this point, he was in relief and a maintenance plan was set in place so that he could continue this new and improved health.

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