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More than 160 million Americans today are overweight or obese. If you’ve tried various weight loss treatments, including yo-yo dieting or nutritional supplements, without noticeable results, it’s time to seek professional help. The team of holistic medical experts at the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health in Downtown Portland, Oregon, proudly offers a variety of holistic, integrative weight loss treatments, including nutritional consulting, supervised medical weight loss programs, and counseling. If you dream of losing weight once and for all, call the office or click the online booking tool today.

Weight Loss Q & A

Does being overweight affect my health?

If you’re overweight or obese, you’re also more likely to experience serious health problems, including diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and certain cancers. 

If you’re pregnant and overweight, you may also develop short or long-term problems that affect your well-being as well as the health of your child. Other common health problems associated with being overweight include:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Kidney disease
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Osteoarthritis

To avoid these and other problems, it’s important to try and keep your body mass index (BMI) between the ideal, healthy range of 18.5 and 24.9. BMI isn’t the whole story – percent body fat and waist to hip ratio are also important.

What types of weight loss treatment do you offer?

The team at the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health offers several different weight loss treatments, including: 

Nutritional counseling

Nutritional counseling works to educate and inform you about healthy eating habits. During a nutritional consultation, your doctor gathers information about your overall health and eating habits. Afterward, they make dietary recommendations that boost your energy, speed up your metabolism, and promote weight loss. 

Supervised Medical Weight Loss 

For more significant amounts of weight loss, 20 pounds or more, physician-supervised weight loss programs are helpful to adjust your body from a fat storage to a fat burning metabolism.  

They also use nutrients designed to support the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters involved in appetite control. These products hamper cravings for bad foods and promote healthy blood sugar levels. They also help boost your metabolism through all-natural means. 

What type of weight loss treatment is right for me?

To determine the type of weight loss treatment you’ll most benefit from, make an appointment with the team at the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health. Following a review of your medical history and discussion of your goals for treatment, the team can recommend a treatment that best aligns with your individual needs. 

Weight loss is possible. To learn more about your treatment options, make an appointment at the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health by calling the office or clicking the online booking tool today.