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We are currently accepting new patients for our comprehensive evaluation and testing workup. Based on that workup, for patients that we believe we can help, we accept those patients for treatment.

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There is no charge for this visit, and it includes 15-20 minutes of face time with the Doctor where you can explain your situation and what you would like help with. You can ask the Doctor about different treatment avenues as well as get a feel for the Doctor and the clinic, and use that as a tool to help you decide if you would like to become a new patient. If you do decide to go forth with a New Patient Workup, thats great news! Below is information describing what that will look like.



First Visit is a 12-Point Workup and Evaluation

The Doctor will:

  1. Review your medical history.
  2. Perform a Physical Examination.
  3. Check your blood pressure both lying and sitting.
  4. Do a Naturopathic Iris Examination, taking photographs that are processed in a software developed by a Korean hospital that was based on German and Russian research.
  5. Collect a sample for a blood test checking for inflammation and food intolerances.
  6. Test your tissue calcium levels.
  7. Test your tissue essential fatty acid levels.
  8. Check the acid alkaline (pH) balance of your saliva
  9. Perform an evaluation of your fingernails, tongue, and skin using a specialized system of traditional Chinese medical diagnosis refined and correlated to modern medicine in a hospital study of over 10,000 patients.
  10. Screen the function of your adrenal glands, your ‘stress’ glands that produce adrenaline, regulate the mineral balance of your body, control blood pressure, influence blood sugars, and are key to regulating our energy levels.

The doctor may additionally check your blood sugars, tissue zinc status, or conduct specific additional physical examinations as well all as a part of the screening workup. During the visit you will be educated on how our clinic works and what is different about us and why we are able to get results where others have tried and failed.

If the doctor sees the need for additional testing to be completed before your second visit such as tests for anemia, diabetes screening, thyroid function, heavy metals, routine urinalysis, etc. that will be communicated and discussed.

After the visit, the findings from your evaluation and testing will be analyzed and a written report of the findings along with recommendations and a personalized plan based on those findings will be created.  This roadmap will be directed to address the underlying causes of your symptoms, to prevent the evolution of disease, and to build health by helping your body to heal itself.



Second Visit is a Report of Findings

  1. The Doctor will review with you the written report of findings of the performed tests and physical examination.
  2. You will receive a detailed copy of your food intolerance findings and the doctor will review the findings with you.
  3. The doctor will review your Iris examination findings.
  4. The doctor will review your treatment plan prescription such as your nutrition program, any recommended therapies, herbal medications, IV nutrient therapies, regenerative joint injections, etc. These will be specifically tailored to your individual needs.
  5. One of our Case Managers will review the costs, payment options, how to submit your claims to your insurance, how to save money and time, can discuss financing options if needed, and will coordinate scheduling.



We do not bill insurance because we believe each patient is an individual and we do not want insurance companies to dictate the care we provide for you. We will, however, provide you with all the necessary paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company, due to the fact some plans allows for reimbursement on holistic care.


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