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Manipulative and bloodless surgery can be a non-invasive safe and effective alternative to traditional cutting surgery. These gentle outpatient procedures can be used in selected cases. If you are interested in discussing manipulative and bloodless surgery, call Portland Clinic of Holistic Health in Downtown Portland, Oregon, today or use the online booking to schedule an appointment.

Manipulative & Bloodless Surgery

What is manipulative and bloodless surgery?  

Portland Clinic of Holistic Health utilizes manipulative and bloodless surgery as an alternative to invasive surgical treatments for issues such as:

  • herniated discs 
  • spinal scoliosis 
  • deviated nasal septum
  • ‘lazy’ eye (amblyopia)
  • tears of the meniscus of the knee 
  • hiatal hernia, inguinal hernia 
  • displaced kidneys 
  • Hemorrhoids
  • passage of gallstones and kidney stones, 
  • plantar fasciitis and dropped arches of the feet
  • orthopedic injuries 

Early development of this approach to treatment is credited to Adolf Lorenz, MD, a world-famous Austrian surgeon. He trained Byron White ND, DC, who directed an inpatient hospital in McMinnville, Oregon, in the middle of the last century. Dr. White trained Dr. Lloyd Jacobs ND, DC when he worked at the hospital for several years.  Dr. Jacobs trained Dr. Blake, the clinic’s medical director.


How does manipulative surgery work?

Manipulative surgery, for example, can often be used for a patient suffering from a hiatal hernia, or when the stomach moves above the diaphragm, causing acid reflux, fatigue, a sensation of easy fullness after eating, difficulty taking a deep breath, and often shortness of breath. 

Portland Clinic of Holistic Health is at the forefront of non-surgical hernia repairs and has found that hiatal hernia repair responds successfully to soft tissue manipulation or bloodless surgery.  

Conventional medicine options may include an endoscopy, X-ray, acid inhibitors, and, eventually, surgery. Manipulative surgery instead focuses on the noninvasive technique of soft tissue manipulation to gently relax the diaphragm and return the stomach to its normal position. 

During this process, your doctor works with you to relax your upper abdomen, moving your stomach into the correct position in relation to your diaphragm. 

After the procedure, Bio-Thermal Therapy® is used to improve digestion, acid reflux, and strengthening the valve of the stomach (the LES) that helps to hold the position of the stomach after the correction. 

Your Portland Clinic of Holistic Health doctor may prescribe other physiotherapy options to avoid surgery to alleviate symptoms, too.

The procedure is much shorter than a surgical option and can last up to 20 minutes followed by the Bio-Thermal Therapy ® Treatment. Each patient’s needs may be different, and you may require several treatments to hold the correction. 

Hiatal hernias and other organ displacements may also need additional non-surgical treatments for symptoms. They can create painful cramps, anxiety, and low levels of calcium, magnesium, and B-vitamins. 

Naturopathic procedures don’t just treat the main cause of the issue, but overall well-being, and help to restore the body to improved health.

Knee injuries and tears of the meniscus, the tiny disc shock absorbers that lie between the upper (femur) and lower (tibia) bones of the leg, can also be treated in many cases by manipulative surgery. Using a special manipulation to replace the torn meniscus to the proper position we then use prolotherapy and PRP injections to heal the meniscus.  

There are many areas where manipulative surgery can be applied.  For example, when kidney stones are being passed they can be ‘milked’ into the bladder where they safely dissolve, cranial manipulation can improve ‘lazy eye’ significantly, and sometimes such as with inguinal hernias of the groin, the process includes using the hands to reduce the hernia followed by injection therapy to heal the hernia itself. 

What are the benefits of manipulative surgery?

Surgery comes with the risk of improper repair, infections,  prolonged recovery, and unforeseen complications. Surgery also leaves a patient with scarring and long recovery periods. For those patients that are a candidate for the more conservative and less invasive options of manipulative  surgery, the outpatient care alone can be an advantage in today’s world. 

The team at Portland Clinic of Holistic Health is always passionate about providing patients with the safest treatment options, and manipulative surgery has low risks and high success rates for hiatal hernia reduction. 

If you are suffering from a hernia or other painful condition that may benefit from manipulative bloodless surgery, reach out to the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health by phone or online today.