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The team of experts at the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health strives to treat patients suffering from cancer with an integrative, individualized, compassionate, and innovative approach. Whether you have a recent diagnosis, are undergoing treatment, or looking to heal afterward and prevent recurrence, there are a number of effective holistic and natural treatment options that can be integrated into cancer care plans. Call the Downtown Portland, Oregon, office or use the online booking tool to make an appointment for you or your loved one seeking care.

Cancer Care Q & A

What is integrative cancer care? 

Portland Clinic of Holistic Health has treated patients suffering from cancer at all stages for over  20 years. 

If you have cancer and are looking to create a comprehensive treatment plan to address your cancer, to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and to help improve the benefits and to tolerate conventional care better, the integrative cancer care programs at the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health may have options for you. 

Always opting for the most healthy and holistic options, your doctor determines specific therapies or medications that suit your needs to help empower the body’s natural healing capabilities.

Cancer care encompasses Bio-Thermal Therapy®, acupuncture,  IV therapy, herbal medications, Mistletoe therapy, anti-cancer nutrition plans, mind-body wellness, and an overall well-being treatment approach. 

Cancer care is also for those in recovery periods, where Bio-Thermal Therapy® is especially helpful in regenerating tissue, preventing further cancer developments, and reducing inflammation and discomfort. 

What are the benefits of integrative naturopathic cancer care?

The focus of the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health is to maximize the best case outcomes of our patients using noninvasive, natural, and non-drug options for patients suffering from cancer. 

This means significantly more safe and gentle procedures that are suitable enough for patients of any age, even children.

Naturopathic medicine also treats overall body health, as opposed to a singular symptom, which creates long-lasting results and works to prevent cancer recurrence. 

Many treatments have also been shown to support mental and emotional health as well as physical, enabling patients to take home lifestyle practices that include improved nutrition, exercise, and relaxation techniques.

Portland Clinic of Holistic Health is passionate about using the most modern equipment, techniques, and research to empower patients of all ages and all cancer needs. 

What are cancer care treatment options?

After a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of your individual needs, your doctor will advise you on your treatment options. 

Treatments seek to alleviate specific symptoms or side effects of chemotherapy or radiation as well as provide the body with the best healing support. Integrative Natural Cancer treatments can include:

  • Bio-Thermal Therapy® to aid in the body’s healing abilities, reduce inflammation, and improve nutrient absorption
  • Mistletoe Therapy, the most researched natural therapy option for cancer that harnesses the immune system
  • High Dose Intravenous vitamin C using the University of Kansas protocol, a 'natural chemotherapeutic agent' 
  • Therapeutic anti-cancer diets to reduce inflammation and improve physical health
  • Acupuncture alleviates pain and stress
  • IV therapy to rapidly supply nutrients 
  • Natural herbal medications 

Overall survival times for various patients with cancer who integrated Misteltoe (green) or who did not (red) alongside conventional care.

If you are experiencing any stage of cancer and looking for compassionate care options and therapies, call the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health or book an appointment online today.