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At the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health we treat a wide variety of patients with a wide variety of complaints. We provide care to men, women, newborns, children and adolescents, seniors – from all walks of life.

We treat people.

We work to build health so that disease states improve, by helping the body to heal we are able to harness the self healing capability of the human body. Sometimes this includes conventional medications along with natural therapy and sometimes natural therapy alone is all that is required. Sometimes we are the lead physicians in the case and sometimes we are members of a patient’s team of doctors.

A sensible approach that seeks the best outcome for our patients is what we consider to be our ‘Integrated Medicine’ – medicine that integrates the best therapies for the good of our patients.




Our unique clinical approach starts with listening to you. We strive to provide our patients with a healthier body so they can live more fully. We specialize in treating and correcting the underlying causes of diseases, not just the symptoms. We are able to focus on causes and remedies by using thoughtful comprehensive evaluation and analysis. 

Our dedicated staff of Doctors, Medical Assistants, and Administrative Staff embody the philosophy of Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine in their work each day. We offer a complete naturopathic medical clinic which includes a comprehensive range of primary and specialty services like Bio-Thermal Therapy®.




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1. Do No Harm

This important guide to clinical practice was first articulated by Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine. For example in the case of fever, Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and other ‘anti-fever’ drugs have been shown to prolong viral infections and increase their transmission while doing nothing to shorten the severity of the infection. Naturopathic Physicians minimize this type of treatment while providing relief to the patient.


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2. Identify and Treat the Cause

Symptoms of disease are the tip of an iceberg. The disease itself lies below the waters. If we treat only symptoms than we are not making people well. For example, in infections, fevers are a symptom and not the disease. In fact the fever is a response by the body to improve our ability to fight the infection.


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3. Treat the Whole Person

By observing your unique individual patterns of symptoms and your genetics we can understand the unique strengths and weaknesses of your body and how to best support you. For example research has shown that people with asthma who have blue eyes have a different biological reaction driving the symptoms as compared to a person with brown eyes. The symptoms look the same on the surface but are actually quite different underneath.


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4. Doctor as Teacher

Education is a mainstay of Naturopathic care. Our patients learn about health and how to cultivate health. Many patients, as they take treatments and become more healthy, educate others in their community of families and friends. Some patients so dramatically improve that they become beacons of health that are sought out to explain how they have regained their health. 


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5. Preventive Medicine

Prevention is not just a blood test or annual physical. It is actively taking part in cultivating and building health, it is a responsibility to ourselves we all have. Naturopathic treatments incorporate this principle by strengthening the body.


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6. The Healing Power of Nature

We are a part of nature and an abundant Creation provides a tremendous wealth of powerful healing agents. Our bodies possess self healing capabilities at all times and our duty as physicians is to strengthen and improve these mechanisms of innate healing.


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