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Vomiting and Dermatitis


A 20 year old man presented to the clinic with 5 years of stomach pain that awakes him from his sleep, and then makes him vomit for several hours every morning. In the 6 weeks before coming to the clinic, he had a global outbreak on the skin. Not able to sleep, exhausted all the time, and feeling unable to socialize. After being given topical steroids, dermatological symptoms only worsened.



After performing our 12-point diagnostic evaluation, we found signs of adrenal gland stress, kidney dysfunction, liver congestion, overgrowth of intestinal bacteria, anemia, and inflammation.


Here are pictures of his skin at the time of presentation



An intolerance to dairy, as well as potatoes when eaten in combination with grain was discovered. He would meet with the nutritionist and also start the dietetic portion of a Nutritional Purification program.



Medicinal food concentrates administered to promote relaxation and to support optimal liver and kidney function were given.

Herbal extracts given to help promote proper elimination of metabolic wastes, regulate the immune system and manage stress response, enhance gallbladder function, and to soothe the digestive system.

Nutritional supplementation to provide fiber and nutrients in order to support elimination and regular bowel movements, and for immune support.



After 6 weeks (12 treatments), patient reported that the nausea and vomiting were entirely resolved. The stomach feeling “perfect,” skin breakouts were resolved, and able to play tennis and socialize again. Feels amazing for the first time in years.



12 Bio-Thermal Therapy® Treatments over 6 weeks were prescribed to repair organ function, digestion, drain lymphatics to heal the skin, lessen nausea, and reduce inflammation.


CES Device - Available at the clinic during Treatment and to rent for home use.

Cranio-Electrical stimulation (CES) to promote relaxation in an effort to help sleep and manage anxiety.


Here are pictures of his skin at the same appointment


After symptoms relieved, he was given two treatments each month for 6 months to maintain healing and continue harnessing healthy blood to heal as deeply as possible


Here is his skin after 6 months




Skin at initial presentation

Skin following 6 months of care

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