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August White Recovery Fund

Here at the Portland Clinic of Holistic Health we have been seeing and successfully treating a patient dear to us since January of 2023.  Please take the time to read about his story and if you can find it in your heart to help please do.


August White is a wonderful young man.  Sadly he was diagnosed at only 6 years old with a severe liver disease known as Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC).  PSC is essentially a scarring of the liver that does not allow it to drain the bile fluid.  This causes inflammation and liver cell death.   Definitive treatment is liver transplant and even with a new liver it recurs in 10-15% of persons.  The life expectancy is typically 10-15 years.  August is now 24 years old.


Unfortunately August has other diagnoses as well.  He also has Auto-Immune Hepatitis, Ulcerative Colitis, and severe Psoriasis.  He has had colon polyps in the past and his various conditions put him at a very high risk for colon cancer.


August has been in and out of hospitals all over the country while his parents tried to find a solution to his illness. Because of the siloed organization of traditional medicine they were never able to solve the root cause of the illness, only pieces of the puzzle, or limited symptoms would be resolved. Treatment has primarily been through blood test monitoring and some prescription medications given.  August plugged along bravely and enjoyed his passion for music and the arts. 


  In late 2022  his older  brother, the  White’s oldest son, passed away suddenly.  August’s health took a significant turn for the worst.  After the funeral they met a patient of the clinic who also had inflammatory bowel disease that went into remission under our care.  


That is when August’s father Mark had an initial call with Dr. Blake. August’s condition was dire and he was days away from being hospitalized. He was severely anemic. His bilirubin count was six times the normal range. His liver was no longer able to do the job of filtering toxins, his skin was inflamed with psoriasis and pustular acne. The inflammation in his body was elevated  and his iron and platelet counts were dangerously low.   August appeared to be towards the end. 


Relocating quickly to Portland for treatment, August began receiving intensive clinical treatment. Twice daily Bio-Thermal Therapy® treatments which use painless electric currents to help the body heal, specifically targeted to reduce liver inflammation and improve his anemia. He also began a drastic change to his diet and began receiving multiple infusions per week to replace the nutrients and iron  he was not able to absorb through food. He was able to get help in time to save his life and has done very well through the year with laboratory chemistries and quality of life far better than in the previous years.  He is healing.  However he faces a long uphill battle.  


After four and a half  months of twice daily treatment August was able to reduce his treatments to once a day and now after 11 months of treatment has a much improved liver function. He still has a long battle ahead of him to heal his gut. The year of intensive care and treatment has brought his medical  expenses to $50K and has not been covered by insurance. However this treatment has been saving his life and finally addressing the illness he has been battling for 18 years. 


When the grateful patient told the family about our clinic, seeing the suffering of August and his family, she asked how they could be of help. The family asked for help for August.  This patient and her family graciously sponsored August to come and initiate treatment.  The cost burden for this family with his complicated needs was too much to bear alone.  The clinic has provided discounted care and has also donated treatment.  Other patients have also graciously donated.  August and the family are very appreciative.  


August is desperately in need of a colonoscopy and a CT scan.  Unfortunately we do not perform these at the clinic and are cost prohibitive.  If there is any way you can be of help,  please consider donating to his care through the link.


  Your donations will help August continue to heal and be able to lead the life of a normal twenty something.  Any amount helps and goes directly to his bills and the family are of deep faith, and they ask for PRAYERS which are always appreciated so much!  

To make donations you may contact us at the clinic directly at 503.294.7070 or through Helping Hands Ministry’s website:

Dr. Eric Blake Medical Director of Portland Clinic of Holistic Health

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