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Break Through RaDaR Cancer Screening From NeoGenomics

RaDaR testing from NeoGenomics is a break through in cancer testing for Breast, Colorectal, Head, Neck and Lung Cancers.


RaDaR testing uses a past biopsy of a patient to map the persons individual Cancer Tumor DNA (cTDNA) for their cancer. The biopsy is retrieved from storage for testing.


Then a blood draw is completed at the clinic and sent to the lab. It is screened for presence of this cTDNA - specific to the patient. A quantity is determined. This allows monitoring of tumor levels over time for those under treatment and monitoring for recurrence - all from a blood draw.


This blood test evaluates both response to treatment for patients under care and for the detection of recurrence for those in remission. These tests can recognize a recurrence up to one year before typical clinical results would show the recurrence.


NeoGenomics, the laboratory that processes these tests, has approached our clinic and invited us to be a part of their Clinical Evaluation Program. In this program they are making the cost of the testing FREE to our patients (Approximately an $8000 value for the tumor DNA typing and four quarterly blood tests) who have been diagnosed with Breast, Colorectal, Head, Neck and Lung cancers.


If you know of someone with one of these type of cancers, if you are one of our patients currently under treatment, or if you have been treated in the past for one of these types of cancer please you may qualify for this FREE monitoring and testing for one year.


These tests can be used to: 


1)Evaluate response to treatment in active patients

2) Monitor for recurrence for those in remission

3) Help to guide treatment decisions and discern the level of needed intervention when cancer is detected.


New and current patients will need an initial office visit to enroll into the program before the end of the calendar year. Schedule online or call our office with questions.


You can learn more about NeoGenomics and RaDaR testing here.

Dr. Eric Blake Medical Director of Portland Clinic of Holistic Health

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