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Don't Reach for Pills for Most Chronic Low Back Pain


Thankfully , and finally, conventional medicine is accepting that medications for back pain are not the way to go. This has been a long time coming.

At the PCHH we have a comprehensive approach to back pain and other joint pains using these non drug techniques for nearly 20 years. This includes  thorough diagnosis and evaluation, massage and soft tissue manual therapyacupuncture, advanced physiotherapy in the form of Bio-Thermal Therapy®, painless spinal adjustment and alignment and joint mobilization.

In certain cases we also use Joint Regenerative Injections that heal and strengthen torn ligaments ,resurfaces cartilage surfaces, stabilizes unstable joints, nutrient concentrates to heal , and effective herbal medication alternatives for pain. We have helped many and even saved  many a joint from surgery or put off surgery for several years for a hip or shoulder.

Established patients with an acute problem  – whether pain, injury, infection, digestive upset or any other acute concern -can call the clinic and schedule an extended Bio-Thermal Therapy® Treatment that provides us time to evaluate, treat , and create a plan for your complaint at that visit. We can typically get you in the same day and will if you must be seen without delay.  All for the cost of the treatment. That is one of the benefits of being an established patient at PCHH – Flexible , accessible , affordable care to rapidly address your needs.  

If you are not yet a patient and not yet known to our team of doctors, and have a chronic pain issue, the evaluation requires more time for the doctor to initially evaluate your case. The case manager will get you in as soon as possible, and same day is sometimes possible.   However  if it is an acute concern or you are needing  to be seen right away let the case manager know and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

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