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Essential Tips to Naturally Prevent the Flu and Stay Healthy

Hopefully you were able to get sun exposure last summer. This exposure increases your vitamin D stores and calcium levels for the winter. Vitamin D and Calcium are protective against colds and flu viruses during the winter seasons. Naturopathy Digest has an article on the subject at this link. It surveys the research and observations of esteemed international researchers that are seeking to understand this phenomena.

Bio D-Mulsion from Biotics is excellent for high dose fulfillment or repletion. Fish oils, Catalyn, and Cataplex F are also good sources of natural D.

The best times to test for Vitamin D stores are at the beginning and end of summer. The beginning of summer tells us how depleted we have become over the winter months. The end of summer tells us how far our stores have been filled. We can then best have an understanding of our individual needs.  If you live in the Northwest unless your are aggressive about getting adequate sun exposure, and even then, it is likely you will be vitamin D deficient without supplementation. 


Shower Hydrotherapy — Real flu prevention can start in the morning shower. A German study in 1990 used the following method that led to 50% less colds and flus; even better when those using this treatment did get a cold or flu the symptoms lasted 1⁄2 the time. The treatment was ending a normal hot shower with cold water in the following fashion: Initially, the cold water was only cool, gradually over several days and weeks adjusting to a colder water, and the cold spray lasting seconds, at first, building up to as long as 2 minutes with a vigorous dry towel rub at the end. A sensation of warmth as the body rewarms itself should be felt after the shower. This time-tested naturopathic method works by exercising the circulation. Start slowly if your circulation is out of shape.

Hygiene cleanliness, hand washing, showering at the end of the day, breathing fresh outdoor air, and burying your face in our elbows when we a cough or sneeze are all important ways to reduce the spread of viruses.


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