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Go (Coco)nuts Over This Recipe


Here at our clinic, we believe strongly that “food is medicine”. If you give your body the right fuel required, it can do its job of healing, growing and creating energy to keep you living your best life. For this reason, our clinic offers “Food Intolerance Testing" (FIT). This test allows our Doctors to see what foods your body cannot properly digest, and if able to cut that food out of your daily diet, you can take stress off of your digestive system. Making the change towards avoiding your food intolerances can seem a little intimidating at first, but this process is nothing to fear. Our in-house nutritionist Lindsay has her very own recipe to help those trying to regulate their diet. Here is what she had to say:

“I thought I’d go with something simple, cleanse and FIT friendly, and a recipe that comes up often during my nutritional consults. A lot of folks are going dairy- free these days and many of the coconut milk brands out there fortify their products with B- vitamins (potato based) and add a lot of other filler ingredients, plus they are expensive! This recipe takes only a couple of ingredients and a few minutes to make. It also tastes better than store-bought and is free of those fillers and additives. Use it as a base for chia seed puddings, smoothies, golden milk, dairy-free sauces and more!” - Lindsay McDonald, MscN

Lindsay's Homemade Coconut Milk

Serves: 4

Prep Time: 10 Min.

Cook Time: 0 Min.


2 cups unsweetened organic coconut flakes

4 cups filtered water

1 pinch of sea salt

(Optional Flavoring)

Pitted Dates


Vanilla Beans (scraped from the inside of a pod)


High-speed blender

Nut milk bag or fine cheesecloth


  1. Add coconut flakes, water, salt, and any additional flavorings into the blender.
  2. Secure the lid onto the blender and blend until smooth and creamy- about 1 to 2 minutes. Taste the milk and adjust flavorings as desired.
  3. Place the nut milk bag or cheesecloth over a large bowl and carefully pour the contents of the blender into the bag or cloth. Gently and thoroughly squeeze the bag or cloth to extract the liquid, leaving just the pulp behind.
  4. Once all of the milk has been extracted, pour it into a glass jar or jug and store in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Be sure to shake the milk well before each use.
  5. Enjoy!

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