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How to Naturally Treat and Remove Heavy Metals

Toxic metals should be removed – gently and effectively, until retesting shows a negative finding. We have several techniques that we use for that purpose. A combination of these methods works best. The only normal is a negative test and if you test positive for metals you should be treated and retested until follow up tests are negative and remain so.

Bio-Thermal Therapy®

A series of our Bio-Thermal Therapy® treatments will improve Liver, Digestive, and Kidney organ function and help to mechanically eliminate and wash the metals out of the affected tissues. They will help to heal the body from damage caused by chronic exposures. Based on your test levels a regimen will be recommended. These treatments are safe during pregnancy, for infants, and all the way through life. Variations are used depending on the targeted tissues. (16,17,18,19,20, 21,22,23,24,25,26)


Homeopathic Dilutions of the Metals

Specially prepared (homeopathic) medicines improve the elimination of toxic metals and reduce their negative health effects. (9,10,11)


Intravenous Nutrients and Glutathione

Glutathione is a powerful, naturally occurring antioxidant in the body that protects tissues from the negative impacts of heavy metals. Chronic exposure to heavy metals will rapidly diminish Glutathione, as it is depleted, cells are injured by the metals. It cannot be taken orally and must be administered intravenously. We typically give the Glutathione in a short push after a nutrient IV. (12)


Metal Flush—  combination of Chinese herbs that have been shown in animal and human studies to safely eliminate Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, and Arsenic. These herbs do not bind to essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium, and help protect the kidneys and liver during detoxification. The active herbal medicines adsorb toxic metals so they chemically combine with them for elimination through the liver, bowels, and kidneys. The actual mechanical circulation and flushing out is enhanced at the organ level by the Bio-Thermal Therapy® treatments. (13,14,15)
Metal Flush: A Chinese Herbal Formula For Oral Chelation (Tsu-Tsair Chi, N.M.D.)

Abstract: Studies were conducted to test the effectiveness of Metal Flush on heavy metal poisoning, in particular lead and mercury poisoning. Results were then compared to that of conventional intravenous chelation treatments such as EDTA and DMPS. In conclusion, it was found that Metal Flush is a viable oral alternative to heavy metal chelation. It helps increase the binding of methionine to metals in the liver 30 times, aiding in the partial removal of the metal complex through fecal excretion, thereby relieving kidney burden. It offers a safer, more affordable, and more effective way of removing metals without stripping away essential trace elements needed in the system.(29,30)

Chlorella can also absorb mercury and other metals and may be prescribed as well. It may protect the fetus from mercury in the mother’s blood. (27,28)

Diet and lifestyle Changes

A purification diet, increased cilantro and garlic intake, sweating and sauna therapies will support the naturopathic medical treatment of heavy metal exposure. These methods, while helpful, will not be adequate. Eating locally grown foods that are from outside of the contaminated area is also strongly recommended.

How long does it take to eliminate accumulated metals?

This varies greatly depending on the metals, the amounts accumulated, kidney and liver organ reserve and strength, and the response to treatment. It may be several weeks, months or more than a year. There is no way to determine total body burden – only that the metals are present and they should not be. The only normal is a negative test and if you test positive for metals you should be treated and retested until follow up tests are negative and remain so.
In addition to accumulated metals there are ongoing routine environmental exposures which is why periodic purification programs are necessary for optimal health.

If you are an established patient call or stop by today and get your urine heavy metal test. You do not need an appointment with the doctor to leave a sample but do please call ahead. If you are not an established patient call today to schedule a free complimentary consultation with one of our Naturopathic Physicians.



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