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MM Patient Testimonial

MM Patient Testimonial

[Martha has been working with our Nutritionist, Lindsay, with nutritional guidance and meal planning since October, and has expressed her joy with the program. Due to her work with the program, she has shown improvements in her overall health, along with some weight loss. She agreed to sit down and be interviewed for a testimonial.]


JM -> Jordan Marzka (Outreach Coordinator)
MM - > Martha (Patient)

JM: How long have you working with [Our Nutritionist] and the program?

MM: I started in October and was working extensively until January, and have continued on my own since then.

JM: Can you tell me a little about yourself? Such as your background, where you live, etc?

MM: Well I’ve lived in Neuberg for the last eight years. For my job, I work in landscaping.

JM: That’s a pretty intensive job.

MM: Yeah! And even outside of work I’m a very active person. I am always doing things and cleaning, running errands, etc.

JM: So you need to have the energy required to keep up this lifestyle?

MM: Exactly! It takes a lot of energy.

JM: So on that, I would love for you to describe your relationship you had with your health, your body, and your quality of life. Specifically, before starting the program with [Our Nutritionist].

MM: Oh, I felt just so frustrated. I feel like I was twice my age, with this constant aches and pains all throughout my body. It was terrible. Like I said, I am a busy person, and my mind is pretty active, and it felt like there was a separation between my mind and body, like the life my mind wanted to live couldn’t be supported physically by my body. I felt very upset, and I am glad, because my Husband was there with support throughout it all while I was working with the program and [the Nutritionist]




JM: And that is a great segue into the next question, which is how would you describe your relationship with your body, your health, and your quality of life now that you’ve started working alongside [Our Nutritionist]

MM: Oh, it’s very high quality, you know? Both emotionally and physically. My pain has completely gone away, and I just feel like I have finally took control of my body and what it wants. For the first time ever, really. You know, I used to be the type of person that would take naps every single day. And Now, no more! I don’t have any need for them anymore. It’s like my mind and my body are really on the same wavelength again. It’s wonderful

JM: Outside of just physical changes, what types of change have you noticed in yourself. Such as emotionally or mentally?

MM: Well, I absolutely have stronger willpower. I honestly feel so unstoppable. This is definitely the beginning for me, I feel like I have this long journey of self-improvement and I am able to do it now that I’ve done this. And it’s nice, because I feel like I am really inspiring others. I like to be there to set an example for my family. And they’ve been really awesome with this, too. There’s like this idea, that as soon as you start living healthier, it’s going to be really difficult to deal with family members.

JM: Well yeah, think about how important food is in a social sense.

MM: Exactly. And at first it was really difficult, because you know they ask you if you want some of this or that, and you have to say no. You’ve got to realize there’s always going to be other ways to celebrate with the people you care about. And eventually they get impressed with your willpower and they stop asking you if you want things. The people who love you will accommodate for your growth.

JM: That’s wonderful.

MM: It is.

JM: Okay, so what is it about the program that you like?

MM: Well, I really like the patience and calmness that everyone has had throughout this process. It feels very easy and there’s no shame in anything. I also like how much it was about getting healthy. You really get to just build your own path of healthiness. And it’s helped me a lot with this process, just because I’ve been able to focus on that, instead of just losing weight.




JM: Well, that is a common issue with most “weight loss” programs. They focus on the weight, instead of trying to just help people get healthier.

MM: Exactly, and like with this, well I won’t say that I didn’t want to lose weight. But it was cool that it was about the living healthy. And the weight loss was kind of like the little bonus perk.

JM: kind of like the cherry on top?

MM: Exactly! Yes.

JM: Awesome. And is there anything about the program that you would like to see change?

MM: Not really. I really liked how the program was run and I think it worked really great for me.

JM: And is there anything you would like to add?

MM: Umm, I want to just say that this is worth it, you know? Getting past the hurdles is so worth it. I am so happy that I’ve taken the time to do this. I’m so happy with how it all has gone.

JM: That’s wonderful to hear. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me.

MM: You’re welcome.

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