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Natural Fever and Infection Treatment


These are general guidelines; the doctor will communicate with you specific instructions for your condition.

We have uploaded these guidelines to make them widely available. We encourage you to ‘like’ and ‘share’ and spread the word. Please discuss these interventions with your Naturopathic Physician or other health care provider.


Established Clinic Patients

Present to the clinic as early as possible for an Extended Treatment of Bio-Thermal Therapy®. This affords additional time for physical evaluation and if necessary rapid in office testing for strep, urine tests, or influenza A&B testing that provides results in minutes. Other tests such as blood count can be taken and orders for any imaging. The clinic is designed for urgent care to optimize same day visits for these treatments.  This keeps care accessible, affordable, and flexible and in accordance with our clinical purpose to help as many people as we can.

These treatments will improve immune function, increase circulating white blood cells, will direct medications into the tissue affected, and we use specific electrotherapy currents and wavelengths that specifically help to fight infections – viral, bacterial, or fungal. We have extensive experience with all manner of infection: strep throat, bronchitis, influenza, pneumonia, cellulitis, osteomyelitis, ear infections, infections of the eye, the skin, bladder and kidney infections, etc.



It is important to remember that a fever is a protective mechanism of the body to fight infection. Bacteria and viruses cannot replicate at higher temperatures and cells of the immune system are activated by higher temperatures. Mild fever is associated with better prognosis in both viral and bacterial infections (Kluger 1986). Redness and swelling are examples of local fever.

The prescription of anti-fever drugs in an effort to reduce fever is based on the assumption that fever is bad and that reduction of fever will be of benefit. The assumptions that fever is bad or that reducing fever has benefit has never had any scientific, clinical, or basic science research evidence to back it up. Actually, the opposite has been found and should be expected when one understands the purpose of a fever.

Anti-fever medications have never been shown to reduce the likelihood of febrile seizures. Dr. Mackowiak of the Veterans Administration in Hospital outlined in a research review about these problems with anti-fever medications clearly in the prestigious Current Opinion of Infectious Disease in 2002. His conclusion ultimately was that “Unfortunately, insufficient experimental data are available to validate any rationale” for their use in infection. Click here to read more.

Anti-fever drugs are those such as Tylenol, acetaminophen, paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen and those other medicines like Nyquil, Dayquil, and numerous others that contain them. This is frequently the first intervention over the counter and in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Research has shown do not shorten infections and even worse that they can prolong infections. More troubling is that they can prolong the time of it being spread (Geisman 2002). Importantly anti-fever drugs are associated with a higher loss of life in infections than when not using them (Vaughn 1980).


Naturopathic clinical experience has been confirmed by research that has shown that fevers are associated with better outcome in viral and bacterial infections (Kluger 1986). Therefore – we harmonize our treatment to ease the discomfort of fever in ways that assist the goals of the fever – which in itself is an attempt by the body to heal. This is the secret to the effective and successful Naturopathic approach to infections.


Basic Guidelines

1. Rest as much as possible. Stay home. This will allow the body to focus on fighting the infection, it will also help prevent spreading the illness to others.

2. Fresh Air The body requires over 13% more oxygen for every degree of body temperature elevation (Beers and Berkow 1999). Get fresh air every hour or two while awake via an open window. During the Spanish flu epidemic of 1917-1918 it was common in regular medicine to not open windows and keep patients confined without fresh air, this was counterproductive and would increase the negative outcomes.

3. Diet

4. Fluid Intake

Hydration is important in infections. Diluted fruit juices, lemonade, etc.
Dehydration is the biggest concern with a fever. Unless pregnant or diabetic, ingest only water, diluted fruit juice, lemonade sweetened with honey, herbal teas, etc. This may be required for several days. Breastfeeding children should continue to breastfeed and should not be fasted.

5. Bio-Thermal Therapy® Treatment


Home Hydrotherapy for safe fever management:

For fevers 98.6-99.5°F – Wet Sock Treatment:

Use a pair of cotton socks (crew/tube/sports socks) and wring them out in cold tap water.
Put on the wet socks. Put on over the cotton socks a pair of thick wool socks. Relax for 20 minutes or until the wet socks are warmed to body temperature, then remove. This will gently bring the fever down about 0.5 F degree and is useful early on to abort an infectious process particularly of the ears, sinus and throat.

For fevers 99.6-102°F – Abdominal/Neptune’s Girdle:

Wring a thin bath or hand towel in cold water. Fold in half lengthwise so it is two layers thick and wrap around your torso, covering from chest to hip bone. Use a thick blanket of vellux or wool to wrap around tightly and compress the cold towel “girdle”. Wear this for 10-20 minutes until it is warmed.

For fevers 102-104°F – Torso Pack

Apply a thin cotton linen which has been wrung out in cold water from the armpits to the buttocks, such as a bed sheet or opened pillow case. This may wrap once or twice around the body. Around the cool, wet sheet you will wrap them in a thick blanket of wool or vellux, making sure to seal the wet sheet from the air. This will help dissipate the fever and cool the core of the body. Leave this wet sheet on the body until warmed, then remove.

For Fevers 104°F or higher – Wet sheet wrap or Spanish Mantle

Using a cotton sheet which has been wrung out in cold water, wrap around the person from shoulders to ankles. This may wrap once or twice around the body. Around the cool, wet sheet you will wrap them in a thick blanket of wool or vellux, making sure to seal the wet sheet from the air. This will help dissipate the fever and cool the core of the body. Leave this wet sheet on the body until dry or significantly warmed.

6. Medicines

J Int Med Res. 2004 Mar-Apr;32(2):132-40. A special Bamboo Concentrate acts like an antibiotic against many bacteria, soothes coughs and improves expectorations

“Give me a fever and I can cure any disease” -Hippocrates. The Father of Modern Medicine who, in actuality, practiced Naturopathically



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