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Osteoporosis Drugs

Like a house never completed, your body remodels bone by breaking down old and building new. Old bone that is weak and fragile is harvested by the body in the constant process of bone remodeling. Osteoporosis drugs work by slowing the removal of old weak bone. Leaving that bone in place like a weak pillar in the house.

For decades, we have warned that simply slowing the process of old, weak bone removal only treats the symptom and the benefit is an illusion. More bone, but the bone is weaker.

True treatment of weak bones requires whole bone meal concentrates such as Calcifood Powder as a concentrate and organic bone broths. This supplies the raw materials for healthy bone.

If needed, we can supply the blueprints for the body to build healthy bone in the form of Ostrophin PMG. This blueprint organizes the raw materials to do their job.

We then stimulate the process of bone formation with the herbal formula Youth Chi, which directs the body to build bone. We send the workers there with a short series of Bio Thermal Therapy treatments to get things going, and then periodic treatments over time to continue the process.

And finally, the important ingredient of gravity. When we walk and exercise, gravity puts pressure on our bones. That pressure causes the tiniest little electrical charges to form along our body’s circuits. Those electrical circuits are how your body knows to deposit calcium and create bone. Bones are deposited along these circuits, and bone is built as part of our body’s remodeling process.

Additionally, vitamin D and sun exposure are vital to absorb calcium as well.

This is how we help to heal fractures and broken bones, along with how we prevent, treat, and reverse bone loss, bone thinning, osteopenia, and osteoporosis every day in our clinic. This method is natural, safe, effective, and affordable.

Drugs used to treat weak bones in elderly patients suffering from osteoporosis may actually make them weaker, research suggests.

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