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Rheumatoid Arthritis


A 73 year old woman came to the clinic having been recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The ankles, knees and hips were all affected.  The patient had been in a flare about 3 months earlier and was put on steroids to control the inflammation. This was tapered down to about 15mg a day.  She was also on cholesterol medications (statins) and thyroid medication. She was suffering the typical side effects of swelling and water retention from the steroid therapy.  She was still experiencing pain in all of the affected joints and was working to taper off of the steroids.



The patient was in an extreme state of inflammation and this was reflected in her blood smear. Her blood pressure was 178/90. An infection screening test showed a positive test for a spirochete and because of this, a Lyme disease test was ordered. Her organ reflexes for liver and adrenal gland disfunction were also positive.



An intolerance to Potatoes, as well as Fruit when eaten in combination with Sugars  was discovered. She would meet with the nutritionist to be educated on naturopathic sciences of eating and food nutrition, and also start with a detoxification smoothie of food and food based nutrients that are easy to digest.



The patient was already on steroids (prednisone) and working on tapering off of them. We provided nutrient support to assist with the tapering and a replacement natural agent to control the inflammation. We used Chinese herbal formulas to help regulate and reduce the autoimmune attack and nutrients to protect the bones and joints from inflammation. Additional support to assist the detoxification of the liver was provided.  Once the Lyme disease was confirmed natural medications were prescribed to combat the infection.



Bio-Thermal Therapy® Treatment was initiated. This patient lived at a great distance and would periodically travel to take treatment. She would stay for 1 to 2 weeks locally, take a daily treatment (4 times weekly) during those visits. Returning once a month for several months for a total of 20 treatments. The treatments varied to address stomach and immune function, liver function, address the joints directly, support the adrenals, improve organ circulation of the kidneys and lungs, etc as the case needed.

Neural Therapy – the subcutaneous injection of procaine – was used on the inflamed joints to reduce pain and break the cycle of inflammation.



The patient improved sequentially. We were able to taper off the prednisone completely and within 6 months the RA was in complete remission, the laboratory tests for RA confirmed this, and no sequelae from the Lyme disease. Patient was stable at last checkup with no symptoms of joint pain or evidence of Rheumatoid Arthritis clinical or on lab testing  4 years later.   

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