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Stage 4 Breast Cancer


A 60 year young female patient presented to the clinic with stage 4 breast cancer that she had been diagnosed with about 8 months previous. The tumor was estrogen positive, progesterone positive, and had a high proliferation rate. The tumor enlarged after a biopsy and the conventional approach to her care had been very unpleasant. She had worked with another naturopathic physician before but had no clear path or treatment plan, and the tumor was only advancing.



She had significant pain in the neck and shoulders as well as difficulty sleeping. She was found to be deficient in essential fatty acids and her kidney and liver were having a hard time keeping up with their responsibilities to cleanse the blood. She tested positive for a bacterial overgrowth that stimulates the tumor to grow. Cherry moles on the skin indicated a higher than normal level of estradiol, and her blood pressure was elevated. On her hands she had only two ‘moons’ (lunula) which indicate impaired circulation and oxygen distribution to the body. They were found to be an independent risk factor for cancer development.



We advised her on our Anti-Cancer Diet, uniquely modified to fit her nutritional needs, as well as cancer type. She also tested as intolerant to milk and milk products, as well as fruits when combined with cane sugars.



We prescribed whole food concentrates to improve liver and kidney function. We used a comprehensive anti-cancer herbal protocol specific for her type of cancer.  This combination of clinically and laboratory tested natural medicines to improve immune attack against cancer cells, and to disrupt various phases of cancer cell growth, replication, and metastasis. We also started her on intramuscular mistletoe injections, a very effective treatment for cancer developed in Germany with over 70 years of research behind it. Along with these treatment plans, we also referred her to an oncologist for evaluation and treatment recommendations.


We began comprehensive therapeutic clinical interventions, starting with a series of 3 weekly Bio-Thermal Therapy® treatments. These were designed to improve the body’s fight against the tumor by assisting digestion and improving immune, liver and kidney function.

We initiated high dose intravenous vitamin C therapy that was well above what can be taken orally. There is extensive laboratory and clinical research showing the benefit of High Dose IV Vitamin C (HDIVC) in cancer. Our clinic follows the University of Kansas protocol that is designed to be used either in conjunction or independently of conventional oncological care.  We did these on the same days as the Bio-Thermal Therapy ® treatments.

We had a follow up at one month. In that time she had established integrative care with an oncologist who completed a PET scan and had started her on an estrogen blocker (Letrozole). After the PET scan confirmed the bone metastasis she initiated Zometa infusions with the oncologist to reduce its growth. 



At her 1 month checkup she was already feeling much better mentally and emotionally while her cancer tumor markers were being monitored. Now that the quality of the blood was improved, due to improved internal organ function and lower inflammation in her system, we could harness that renewed power of the body to fight the cancer more effectively.

At this time we continued the internal natural medications as well as the mistletoe injections.We reduced the frequency of Bio-Thermal Therapy ® treatments to twice weekly. At one treatment we would do the HDIVC and at the other we would administer intravenous Curcumin, which also has anti-cancer tissue effects.

Under this care she continued to improve over time. Her tumor markers lowered in a serial fashion over the next 6 months to normal levels present in healthy persons, as did her Alkaline Phosphatase’s which were elevated before as a sign of bone metastasis. Her tumor softened and shrank and by 6 months of care her conventional oncologist reported that she was ‘near complete remission’.

We continued supportive care, reducing the frequency of treatments over the following year.



She is now 3 years post diagnosis

Through the course of her healing process, the peripheral smear pictures of her blood inspired her creatively. She began drawing and cartooning her healing process ad this deeply therapeutic practice culminated in a book called Celltoons: The Story of Cancer at a Cellular Level.


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