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Zap Indigestion with #50 Capsules

#50 Capsules are 50% Gentian root and 50% Skullcap.  This specialty naturopathic formula has been in routine clinical use for indigestion for well over a century, and the herbs themselves for many more. Originally formulated by the late and well known Naturopathic Physician Dr. Otis G Carroll, this useful and timely combination can provide excellent relief for a variety of digestive woes.

The Gentian helps to balance digestive enzyme secretion.  This can be very helpful with indigestion and heartburn.  The gentian also has a mild effect to reduce unhealthy bacteria in the digestive tract, especially of the stomach and small intestine.  It can be very useful for travelers diarrhea, gastroenteritis, the bacteria H. Pylori that contributes to stomach ulcers, and other afflictions.  For traveling to prevent problems one before meals is usually all it takes.  For heartburn one or two can be effective – even more so if the capsules are opened into a little warm water and taken as a ‘cocktail’.

The Skullcap is known as a ‘nervine’. A nervine is an herbal medication that supports or nourishes the nervous system.  Many people don’t realize that the digestive tract has it’s own nervous system.  When we have irritation, either acute or chronic, the nervous system of the digestive tract is also irritated. The skullcap helps to calm and nourish the nervous portion of the digestive tract and reduces spasm, pain, bloating safely and effectively. It also inhibits the bacteria associated with stomach ulcers.

Of course the holidays lead us into food intolerance exposures quite frequently – and the #50 caps can be a big help for that.  Take 1 or 2 as needed before exposure if you see it coming and if needed another 1 or 2 afterwards for any symptoms in the digestive tract or that are stimulated by the food intolerance exposure – such as headaches or skin outbreaks.  It is not a ‘get out of jail free’ card but it is a helpful one.

The #50 caps come in 20 count and 90 count packs and are available at the clinic.

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