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Naturopathic Physical Therapy


Naturopathic Physical Therapy

The proper function of the body is
dependent upon proper alignment and mobility of the spine. The spine serves many functions in the body- supporting our upright posture and protecting the nervous system just to name a few.

The spine is composed of stacked bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae rotate and slide along one another when we twist and turn and bend. Sometimes there is a restriction of the movement of certain spinal segments. Common reasons are trauma, chronic pain, or a habitual way we move ourselves. We can restore the movement at these levels with naturopathic adjustment of the spine. Naturopathic Physicians are also trained in other specialty adjustment techniques.

Manipulation of the bones of the skull (cranium) can be helpful in the case of lazy eyes, chronic sinusitis, ear infections and more (See picture).

Organs and tissues can be restored to their correct positioning such as a hiatal hernia – it can be reduced in many cases with manipulation instead of surgery, an injured meniscus can be manipulated back into place, dropped kidneys can be gently guided into place, and more. Dr. Blake is a co-editor of the textbook Naturopathic Physical Medicine and is an authority in the field of naturopathic physical medicine.


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